Planning to take a vacation? Think of no other destination than Dublin, Ireland. This charming modern European city is a great tourism destination indeed. Other than merely being the capital of Ireland, it also does possess several places of interest that are worth visiting.

Dublin Castle
This historic site, dating from 1204, has two museums, several cafes, and gardens, alongside staterooms and a library. It is located off Dame Street and was until 1922 the seat of the government of the United Kingdom’s administration in Ireland. It is now a major Irish government building complex.

Phoenix Park
Phoenix Park is an urban recreational park in Dublin, Ireland. It lies 2–4 km west of downtown Dublin and to the north of the River Liffey. At the park, deer roam forested areas that are filled with mature trees within a portion of the park known as 'Dublin's playground'.

St. Stephen’s Green
Designed by William Sheppard, this city center park has an ornamental lake, a waterfall, numerous sculptures and a children's playground. It is easily accessible to any would-be visitor by being at the heart of the city. It offers a great breakaway as well as excellent photography opportunity.

Kilmainham Gaol
While in Ireland, you may want to dig deeper into the nation’s past. This is why a visit to the Kilmainham Gaol is strongly recommended. This is a prison museum where many political prisoners of Ireland were imprisoned, tortured and executed. It is now a museum which is run by the Office of Public Works.

Christchurch Cathedral
Dublin has a rich Christian legacy. Christianity still commands a sizeable following in the nation and also influences much of the daily decisions of the populace. No other building structure epitomizes this apart from this Christchurch Cathedral. To relive Ireland’s Christian past, your visit to this facility is by all means strongly recommended.

Spire of Dublin
Alternatively called the Monument of Light, this is a large, stainless steel, and pin-like monument which measures 119 meters in height. It is located at the exact site where Nelson's Pillar on O'Connell was formerly erected. You will find the spire breathtaking to behold besides capturing those memorable moments along O'Connell Street.

National Gallery of Ireland
Founded in 1854 and opening its doors ten years later, this gallery features a grand collection of Irish and European arts. These arts span the 14th to the 20th centuries and covers all the major schools. It is located in the center of Dublin and is thus easily accessible. Visit it to have a glimpse of Europe and Irish past.

Ha’penny Bridge
Made almost entirely of cast-iron this refurbished 19th-century bridge doubles up as a city symbol and is crossed by thousands of pedestrians per day. Other than merely facilitating your transportation across the River Liffey, the bridge also grants you a peek at Ireland’s glorious past. It also provides breathtaking views of the adjacent terrain and physical vegetation.

Chester Beatty Library
Established in 1950 by the mining magnate, Sir Alfred Chester Beatty this library is a ‘must visit’ by any history enthusiast. It comprises exceptional collections of the religious as well as artistic works of its founder. Examples of these collections are prints, paintings, drawings, and rare books.

Dublin Zoo
No visit to Dublin is complete without a stopover at the Dublin Zoo. This largest zoo in Ireland has a mix of animals from the four corners of the earth. At this zoo, you will find animals from the African plains, Asian forests, and the Arctic fringes. It will give you an opportunity to view and experience the whole world at a time!

Visiting Dublin is not debatable at all. You cannot even contemplate bypassing this wonderful destination! That is why we strongly urge you make this city a part of your itinerary in your next tourism adventure.

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